Editorial team

Coordinating editors

Jackie Price, Principle Investigator and Joint Co-ordinating Editor

Jackie Price is Professor of Molecular Epidemiology and Deputy Director of the Usher Institute, University of Edinburgh.  She started her association with Cochrane Vascular in 1996 as clinical research fellow working with the founder of the group, Professor Gerry Fowkes. She wrote her first Cochrane review in 2000, subsequently becoming an editor, and, in 2010, took over as joint co-ordinating editor for the group. Jackie has been fortunate enough to work with some outstanding managing editors and information specialists, both in the past and the present, as well as the group’s extensive networks of authors and topic experts.  She is an epidemiologist by training, and her research interests cover a wide range of chronic diseases (including vascular disease, cognition/dementia, diabetes, cancer etc.) as well as wider public health and evidence-based healthcare.  Jackie's main roles within Cochrane Vascular are Principle Investigator of our funding from the Chief Scientist Office, Scotland, support of the editorial base staff to ensure timely production of high priority and high quality reviews and (co) responsibility for final sign off of completed reviews.

Gerry Stansby - Joint Co-ordinating Editor

Gerry has been Professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of Newcastle and the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle ​since 2000 where he is also a consultant vascular surgeon.  As well as his connections to Cochrane Vascular (where he became joint co-ordinating editor in 2010), he ​has chaired several clinical guidelines for NICE and is the author of more than 300 scientific articles and several books on venous and arterial diseases. He is a Council member of the Vascular Medicine and Venous Sections of the Royal Society of Medicine, Past President of the Venous Forum and Clinical lead for the North-East England Aortic Aneurysm screening service and Vascular lead for the North of England Clinical Network. 

Managing Editor

Marlene Stewart

Marlene joined Cochrane Vascular in 2010 after working for 10 years as a Research Fellow and Trial Coordinator of the Aspirin for Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis Trial at the University of Edinburgh. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of Cochrane Vascular, including the financial, human resources and quality assurance aspects of the work of the group. You can read more about her research, interests and publications here.

Assistant Managing Editor

Cathryn Broderick

Cathryn helps manage the review process as Assistant Managing Editor and actively contributes to content as Systematic Review Methodologist. She communicates with internationally based author groups to ensure content is correct and complete, that conclusions match the evidence presented and helps disseminate our published evidence to maximise review usefulness and impact. Her publications are available here.

Information Specialist

Candida Fenton

Candida has over ten years experience designing and running searches for systematic reviews and evidence syntheses in clinical and social sciences. She is Information Specialist with Cochrane Vascular at the University of Edinburgh, and also with Cochrane Dementia and Cognitive Improvement Group at the University of Oxford. Candida previously worked as Information Scientist with the Medcial Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow. You can see her publications on Google Scholar.

Statistical Editor

Catriona Keerie

Catriona has been part of the Cochrane Vascular group since 2014, and her remit within the group is to provide statistical assessment of protocols and reviews.  Catriona also provides ad hoc statistical advice to the group when unusual statistical issues arise, either in reviews or in the wider Cochrane community.  Aside from her work with Cochrane Vascular, Catriona is a senior statistician within the Edinburgh Clinical Trials Unit.  Catriona's current research interests are around the design and analysis of stepped wedge cluster randomised trials and also the use of routine healthcare data in clinical trials research. You can read more about her research, interests and publications here.