Peer reviewers 2019

Peer reviewers 2019

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all peer reviewers.

Cochrane Vascular aims to involve clinical peer and consumer reviewers in the assessment of all new protocols and reviews before publication.

The following people have contributed to the peer review process in 2019:

Clinical reviewers:

Thomas Michael Aherne
Mamoru Ayusawa
Stephen Badger
Shannon M Bates
Henri Bounameaux
Alberto Caggiati
Piergiorgio Cao
Rod Chalmers
Harvey Chant
Yee Eot Chee
Shaojie Chen
Vineet Chopra
Gianmarco de Donato
Ralph G DePalma
Ehab A Eltahawy
Jawed Fareed
Anastasios E Germenis*
Michael Gottlieb
Warren C Hammert
Daniel K Han
Andrew Holden
Niamh Hynes
Michael Jenkins
David R Jobes
Neghal Kandiyil
Scott Kinlay
Tilo Kolbel
Praveen Kumar
Anthony Leicht
Olivier Leroy
Hilary J Longhurst*
Robert Maclaren
Thomas Martens
Guy Martin
Jonathan Moran
Ian Nordon
Joanne Palmer
Nicholas M Price
Dheeraj Rajan
Timothy A Resch
Jeffrey J Siracuse
Konstantinos Spanos
Scott M Stevens
Tsz-Yin So
Alessandro Thione
Alok Tiwari
Venu Vadlamudi
Arianne P Verhagen
Kai Yuen Wong

Consumer reviewers:

Tugba Akinci D'Antonoli
Peter Cole
Awah Cletus Fobuzi
Karla Duque
Marcial Fallas-Camacho*
Ahmed HS Ibrahim
Karen Ma
Cathryn Marshall
Danial Sayyad*
Dee Shneiderman*

We also wish to acknowledge reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous.

* peer reviewer has assessed more than one protocol or review