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Due to changes in NIHR funding in evidence synthesis, this Cochrane Group is no longer active. We are so grateful for the work of our contributors.

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Peer reviewers 2021

Peer reviewers 2021

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of all peer reviewers. Cochrane Vascular aims to involve clinical peer and consumer reviewers in the assessment of all new protocols and reviews before publication. The following people have contributed to the peer review process in 2021:

Clinical reviewers:

  • Istvan B Balint*
  • Daniel J Bertges
  • Sophie Blaise
  • Steffen Breusch
  • Steve Brown
  • Alberto Caggiati
  • Rod Chalmers
  • Harvey Chant*
  • Philip Coleridge-Smith
  • Gianmarco de Donato
  • Walter Dorigo
  • Felipe Puricelli Faccini
  • Richard A Frieden
  • Kevin Friedman
  • Joana Gameiro
  • James A Gilbert
  • Mark Goldin
  • Jean-Jerome Guex
  • Adam Haque
  • Peter Henke
  • Kerry Hitos*
  • Mark E Huang
  • Elrasheid Kheirelseid
  • Neil M Khilnani
  • Aoife Kiernan
  • Scott Kinlay
  • Olivier Leroy*
  • Varut Lohsiriwat
  • Guy Martin
  • Jonathan Moran
  • Sandip Nandhra
  • Ian Nordon
  • Gabriele Piffaretti
  • Michael A Portman
  • Caren Randon
  • Jean-Baptiste Ricco*
  • Francois Saucy
  • Christos Stefanou
  • Hiroyuki Suzuki
  • Ankur Thapar
  • Venu Vadlamudi
  • Jos C van den Berg
  • Daniel Waever
  • Scott C Woller

Consumer reviewers:

  • Eyelin Ahmadi
  • Akhil Arun Elango
  • M Dulce Estevao*
  • Mbaka Fon Nji
  • Daniel J Garcia-Martinez
  • Karthik Balajee Laksham
  • Louis Leslie
  • Christopher Mathew
  • Kristin Osika
  • Ratko Peric
  • Felipe dos Santos Souza
  • Danial Sayyad*
  • Marco Vascon
  • Doaa Wael Elgendy

We also wish to acknowledge reviewers who have chosen to remain anonymous.
* peer reviewer has assessed more than one protocol or review