We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their contributions to Cochrane Vascular:

Chief Scientist Office, Scottish Executive Health Directorates, the Scottish Government for funding Cochrane Vascular since 1 January 1995;
National Institute for Health Research, for programme funding between 2011-2014 and 2014-2017;

Dr Ruth Jepson, the original Review Group Co-ordinator (RGC), for setting up the Group, the Specialised Trials Register, and developing editorial procedures;
Prof Irwin Faris, Australia, one of the original editors (retired from editorial team December 1998);
Mrs Hazel Dunn, Trials Search Co-ordinator (TSC) for establishing the Specialised Trials Register;
Dr Carol Forbes, former RGC and TSC for developing the original Group's website; 
Mr Mark McConville for covering the TSC responsibilities (Mar-Sept 2000); 
Mrs Rosemary MacDonald for providing secretarial support (Jul-Nov 2002); 
Dr Elizabeth Royle, former RGC (May 1996-May 2003); 
Mrs Irene McLennan for her dedicated secretarial support (1997-2003);
Dr Charlotte Archibald, former RGC (2003-2006);
Professor Lars Janson, one of the original editors (deceased 2007);
Mr Andrew Wawryzniak, former RGC (2006-2007);
Professor Gerry Fowkes, Coordinating Editor (1995-2010);
Mrs Heather Maxwell, former Managing Editor (ME) and TSC (1999-2010);
Professor Thomas W Wakefield, former editor (retired from editorial team May 2010);
Dr Gillian Leng, former editor (retired from editiorial team February 2012);
Mrs Carole Gibson for her dedicated secretarial support (2005-2014);
Mrs Mary Cunningham for her role as handsearcher (2009 - 2014);
Mrs Mary Sanderson for her role as handsearcher (2009 - 2014);
Dr Christine Robertson for writing common background sections on AAA, PAD and VTE (2015 - 2016);
Mr Tim Lees, former editor (retired from editorial team September 2016);
Prof Jos Kleijnen, one of the original editors (retired from editorial team January 2017);
Dr Karen Welch, former TSC/Information Specialist (2003 - 2017);
Dr Lindsay Robertson, former systematic reviewer (2010 - 2017);
Prof Steff Lewis, former Stats editor (2010 - 2018).