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A consumer is someone who has a personal or family experience of a health issue or service and may be a representative of a consumer group with access to other people's experiences and personal knowledge.

Cochrane Vascular is keen to involve consumer representatives. By becoming involved you can help ensure that the reviews published are relevant, accessible and able to improve health care for the people who need it.

Visit the 20th Anniversary homepage to learn more about Cochrane’s past, present and future via a series of 24 short videos (5-10 minutes each), based around nearly a hundred interviews with Cochrane contributors from all over the world.

You can become involved by suggesting a title for a review - are there clinical questions you would like to have answered?

You could referee one of our protocols or reviews before they are published - we are keen to ensure consumers benefit from each and every article we publish.  You can have your say on the relevance and accessibility of a review by completing a simple checklist.  The Cochrane Consumer Net has produced specific information and training for people interested in refereeing.  Cochrane Vascular is also happy to provide guidelines and training for consumer referees. 

Do you have translation skills? - volunteer to translate our trial references.

Are you a member of a self-help group concerned with Peripheral Vascular Diseases? - please tell other people about Cochrane Vascular and where possible Cochrane Vascular will help raise awareness of your self-help group. 

Please fill in the consumers form or contact us with any questions.  


YourHealthNet has recently been launched by the Centre for Health Communication and Participation explains evidence-based health research and systematic reviews in a visually appealing and user-friendly way. The diagrams developed explain the concept, contents and process of publishing a Cochrane systematic review are useful tools for anyone interested or involved in Cochrane. The site also provides audio recordings of real world consumer stories, where individuals describe how they used Cochrane reviews to inform their health decision making.

 your health net

Interested in learning more about clinical trials?  The ECRAN project - European Communication on Research Awareness Needs - was funded by The European Commission in 2012  to improve EU citizens’ knowledge about medical research, and to support their participation in independent and multinational clinical trials.  ECRAN has developed communication material and tools, including a freely available animated film, dubbed in 23 languages, and a website in six languages, with some parts in 23 languages. Have a look by clicking on the link below. 

ECRAN link