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The most  recent issue of the CDSR is Issue 9, released September 2018 and new publications by Cochrane Vascular include:

New reviews

Autologous cells derived from different sources and administered using different regimens for 'no-option' critical lower limb
ischaemia patients Abdul Wahid  SF, Ismail  NA, Wan Jamaludin  WF, Muhamad  NA, Abdul Hamid  MKA, Harunarashid  H, Lai  NM

New updates

Heparin versus 0.9% sodium chloride locking for prevention of occlusion in central venous catheters in adults López‐Briz  E, Ruiz Garcia  V, Cabello  JB, Bort‐Martí  S, Carbonell Sanchis  R, Burls  A

Surgery versus thrombolysis for initial management of acute limb ischaemia Darwood  R, Berridge  DC, Kessel  DO, Robertson  I, Forster  R

New protocols

Balneotherapy for chronic venous insufficiency de Moraes Silva  MA, Nakano  LCU, Cisneros  LL, Miranda Jr  F

Catheter-directed therapies for the treatment of massive and submassive acute pulmonary embolism Harvey  JJ, Makris  GC, Uberoi  R

Recent reviews

Antiplatelet and anticoagulant agents for primary prevention of thrombosis in individuals with antiphospholipid antibodies Bala MM, Paszek E, Lesniak W, Wloch-Kopec D, Jasinska K, Undas A

Lumbar sympathectomy versus prostanoids for critical limb ischaemia due to non-reconstructable peripheral arterial disease Sen I, Agarwal S, Tharyan P, Forster R

Endovascular revascularisation versus conservative management for intermittent claudication Fakhry F, Fokkenrood HJP, Spronk S, Teijink JAW, Rouwet EV, Hunink MGM

Secondary prevention of recurrent venous thromboembolism after initial oral anticoagulation therapy in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism Robertson L, Yeoh SE, Ramli A

Thrombolysis for acute upper extremity deep vein thrombosis Feinberg J, Nielsen EE, Jakobsen JC

Recent protocols

Intermittent pneumatic compression for critical limb ischaemia Elkady R, Tawfick W, Hynes N, Kavanagh EP, Jordan F, Sultan S

Endovascular versus open surgical repair for complicated chronic type B aortic dissection Fitzgibbon B, Jordan F, Hynes N, McGarry JP, Kavanagh EP, McHugh P, Veerasingam D, Sultan S

Hybrid repair versus conventional open repair for aortic arch dissection Kavanagh EP, Jordan F, Hynes N, Elhelali A, Devane D, Veerasingam D, Sultan S

Endovascular versus conventional open surgical repair for thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms Concannon J, Hynes N, Veerasingam D, Kavanagh EP, McGarry JP, Sultan S, McHugh P, Jordan F

Recent updates

Controlled hypotension versus normotensive resuscitation strategy for people with ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm Moreno DH, Cacione DG, Baptista-Silva JCC

Interventions for implementation of thromboprophylaxis in hospitalized patients at risk for venous thromboembolism Kahn SR, Morrison DR, Diendéré G, Piché A, Filion KB, Klil-Drori AJ, Douketis JD, Emed J, Roussin A, Tagalakis V, Morris M, Geerts W

Supervised exercise therapy versus home-based exercise therapy versus walking advice for intermittent claudication Hageman D, Fokkenrood HJP, Gommans LNM, van den Houten MML, Teijink JAW

Graft type for femoro-popliteal bypass surgery Ambler GK, Twine CP

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Aortic aneurysm, abdominal and peripheral aneurysm (38)
Treatment (36)
Surgical treatments (pre-, peri- or post-operatively) (31)
Chronic venous insufficiency (16)
Critical limb ischaemia (67)
Treatment (67)
Medical treatments (15)
Surgical treatment (48)
Angioplasty (32)
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) (95)
Treatment (94)
Medical treatments (31)
Surgical treatments (48)
Angioplasty (see 'Critical limb ischaemia' for details) (22)
Bypass surgery (13)
Thromboembolism (178)
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) related (86)
Prevention (56)
Medical prophylaxis (36)
Anticoagulants (17)
Physical methods of prophylaxis (19)
Treatment (27)
Medical treatment (25)
Not DVT related (15)
Pulmonary Embolism (PE) (67)
Prevention (52)
Medical prophylaxis (37)
Anticoagulants (15)
Thrombophlebitis (24)
Cannulation phlebitis (13)
Prevention (12)
Varicose veins (19)
Treatment (19)
Surgical treatments (18)