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The most  recent issue of the CDSR is Issue 8, released August 2021 and new publications by Cochrane Vascular include:

New updates

Interventions for great saphenous vein incompetence Jade Whing, Sandip Nandhra, Craig Nesbitt, Gerard Stansby

New protocols

Mobile health technologies to improve walking distance in people with intermittent claudication Marah Elfghi, Denise Dunne, Jennifer Jones, Irene Gibson, Gerard Flaherty, John William McEvoy, Sherif Sultan, Fionnuala Jordan, Wael Tawfick 

Recent reviews

Prehabilitation exercise therapy before elective abdominal aortic aneurysm repair  Candida Fenton, Audrey R Tan, Ukachukwu Okoroafor Abaraogu, James E McCaslin

Hybrid repair versus conventional open repair for aortic arch dissection  Edel P Kavanagh, Sherif Sultan, Fionnuala Jordan, Ala Elhelali, Declan Devane, Dave Veerasingam, Niamh Hynes

Hybrid repair versus conventional open repair for thoracic aortic arch aneurysms  Ala Elhelali, Niamh Hynes, Declan Devane, Sherif Sultan, Edel P Kavanagh, Liam Morris, Dave Veerasingam, Fionnuala Jordan

Endoluminal interventions versus surgical interventions for stenosis in vein grafts following infrainguinal bypass Francesco E Botelho, Daniel G Cacione, Jose Oyama Leite, Jose CC Baptista-Silva

Presurgery exercise-based conditioning interventions (prehabilitation) in adults undergoing lower limb surgery for peripheral arterial disease Joanne Palmer, Sean Pymer, George E Smith, Amy Elizabeth Harwood, Lee Ingle, Chao Huang, Ian C Chetter

Surgical and medical interventions for abdominal aortic graft infections Osamah S Niaz, Ahsan Rao, Ahmed Abidia, Rebecca Parrott, Jonathan Refson, Pranav Somaiya

Internal iliac artery revascularisation versus internal iliac artery occlusion for endovascular treatment of aorto-iliac aneurysms  Luiz Henrique DG Sousa, Jose CC Baptista-Silva, Vladimir Vasconcelos, Ronald LG Flumignan, Luis CU Nakano

Transverse versus vertical groin incision for femoral artery approach Marcus Canteras, Jose CC Baptista‐Silva, Frederico do Carmo NovaesDaniel G Cacione

Recent protocols

Endovascular therapy versus medical treatment for spontaneous isolated dissection of the superior mesenteric artery Chenyang Qiu, Ziheng Wu, Yangyan He, Lu Tian, Qianqian Zhu, Tao Shang, Hongkun Zhang, Donglin Li

Ultrasound-guided versus anatomic landmark-guided percutaneous femoral artery access  Shira A Strauss, Jeffrey J Siracuse, Sreekumar Madassery, Alexander G Truesdell, Keith Pereira, Ethan C Korngold, Ahmed Kayssi

Standard- versus extended-duration anticoagulation for primary venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in acutely ill medical patients  Ahmed A Kolkailah, Bahaa Abdelghaffar, Ashraf F Nabhan, Gregory Piazza

Statins for the prevention of primary venous thromboembolism Peng Zhang, Lun Li, JinHui Tian, Peizhen Zhang, KeHu Yang

Intravenous immunoglobulin for the treatment of Kawasaki disease Cathryn Broderick, Shinobu Kobayashi, Maiko Suto, Shuichi Ito, Tohru Kobayashi

Recent updates

Graduated compression stockings for the initial treatment of varicose veins in people without venous ulceration  Sarah L Knight (nee Shingler), Lindsay Robertson, Marlene Stewart

Medical adjuvant treatment to increase patency of arteriovenous fistulae and grafts Imran Mohamed, Mohamad Fathul Aizat Kamarizan, Antonio Da Silva

Cilostazol for intermittent claudication Tamara Brown, Rachel B Forster, Marcus Cleanthis, Dimitri P Mikhailidis, Gerard Stansby, Marlene Stewart

Retroperitoneal versus transperitoneal approach for elective open abdominal aortic aneurysm repair Fan Mei, Kaiyan Hu, Bing Zhao, Qianqian Gao, Fei Chen, Li Zhao, Mei Wu, Liyuan Feng, Zhe Wang, Jinwei Yang, Weiyi Zhang, Bin Ma

Slow versus fast subcutaneous heparin injections for prevention of bruising and site pain intensity  Mina Mohammady, Maryam Radmehr, Leila Janani

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Aortic aneurysm, abdominal and peripheral aneurysm (50)
Treatment (47)
Surgical treatments (pre-, peri- or post-operatively) (42)
Surgical techniques (20)
Critical limb ischaemia (73)
Treatment (73)
Surgical treatment (55)
Angioplasty (34)
Chronic venous insufficiency (17)
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) (108)
Treatment (104)
Medical treatments (30)
Surgical treatments (56)
Angioplasty (see 'Critical limb ischaemia' for details) (26)
Bypass surgery (13)
Thromboembolism (209)
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) related (101)
Prevention (66)
Medical prophylaxis (44)
Anticoagulants (21)
Physical methods of prophylaxis (20)
Treatment (31)
Medical treatment (28)
Anticoagulants (17)
Not DVT related (18)
Pulmonary Embolism (PE) (80)
Prevention (62)
Medical prophylaxis (44)
Anticoagulants (19)
Physical methods of prophylaxis (15)
Treatment (18)
Thrombophlebitis (27)
Cannulation phlebitis (16)
Prevention (15)
Varicose veins (19)
Treatment (19)
Surgical treatments (18)