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The most  recent issue of the CDSR is Issue 5, released May 2021 and new publications by Cochrane Vascular include:

New updates

Vasodilators for primary Raynaud's phenomenon Kevin YC Su, Meghna Sharma, Hyunjun Jonathan Kim, Elizabeth Kaganov, Ian Hughes, Mohamed Hashim Abdeen, Jennifer Hwee Kwoon Ng

Recent reviews

Endoluminal interventions versus surgical interventions for stenosis in vein grafts following infrainguinal bypass Francesco E Botelho, Daniel G Cacione, Jose Oyama Leite, Jose CC Baptista-Silva

Presurgery exercise-based conditioning interventions (prehabilitation) in adults undergoing lower limb surgery for peripheral arterial disease Joanne Palmer, Sean Pymer, George E Smith, Amy Elizabeth Harwood, Lee Ingle, Chao Huang, Ian C Chetter

Surgical and medical interventions for abdominal aortic graft infections Osamah S Niaz, Ahsan Rao, Ahmed Abidia, Rebecca Parrott, Jonathan Refson, Pranav Somaiya

Internal iliac artery revascularisation versus internal iliac artery occlusion for endovascular treatment of aorto-iliac aneurysms  Luiz Henrique DG Sousa, Jose CC Baptista-Silva, Vladimir Vasconcelos, Ronald LG Flumignan, Luis CU Nakano

Transverse versus vertical groin incision for femoral artery approach Marcus Canteras, Jose CC Baptista‐Silva, Frederico do Carmo NovaesDaniel G Cacione

Treatment of distal deep vein thrombosis George Kirkilesis, Stavros K Kakkos, Colin Bicknell, Safa Salim, Kyriaki Kakavia

Recent protocols

Non‐pharmaceutical alternatives or adjuncts to exercise programmes for people with intermittent claudication Amy Elizabeth Harwood, Sean Pymer, Saïd Ibeggazene, Belinda Parmenter, Ian C Chetter

Non-surgical interventions for preventing contralateral tissue loss and amputation in dysvascular patients with a primary major lower limb amputation Jonathan De Siqueira, David A Russell, Heidi J Siddle, Suzanne H Richards, Elizabeth McGinnis

Duplex ultrasound for surveillance of lower limb revascularisation Anna KP Sarpe, Carolina DQ Flumignan, Luis CU Nakano, Virginia FM Trevisani, Renato D Lopes, Henrique J Guedes Neto, Ronald LG Flumignan

Through-knee versus above-knee amputation for vascular and non-vascular major lower limb amputations Hayley Crane, Gemma Boam, Daniel Carradice, Natalie Vanicek, Maureen Twiddy, George E Smith

Sex as a prognostic factor for mortality in adults with acute symptomatic pulmonary embolism Jesús López-Alcalde, Elena C Stallings, Javier Zamora, Alfonso Muriel, Sander Doorn, Noelia Alvarez-Diaz, Borja Manuel Fernandez-Felix, Carlos A Quezada Loaiza, Raquel Perez, David Jimenez

Recent updates

Compression stockings for preventing deep vein thrombosis in airline passengers Mike J Clarke, Cathryn Broderick, Sally Hopewell, Ed Juszczak, Anne Eisinga

Thrombolytic therapy for pulmonary embolism Zhiliang Zuo, Jirong Yue, Bi Rong Dong, Taixiang Wu, Guan J Liu, Qiukui Hao

Thrombolytic strategies versus standard anticoagulation for acute deep vein thrombosis of the lower limb Cathryn Broderick, Lorna Watson, Matthew P Armon

Primary prophylaxis for venous thromboembolism in ambulatory cancer patients receiving chemotherapy Anne WS Rutjes, Ettore Porreca, Matteo Candeloro, Emanuele Valeriani, Marcello Di Nisio

Angioplasty versus stenting for iliac artery lesions Hidde Jongsma, Joost Bekken, Ninos Ayez, Cornelis J Hoogewerf, Vincent Van Weel, Bram Fioole  

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Aortic aneurysm, abdominal and peripheral aneurysm (49)
Treatment (46)
Surgical treatments (pre-, peri- or post-operatively) (41)
Surgical techniques (19)
Critical limb ischaemia (72)
Treatment (72)
Surgical treatment (54)
Angioplasty (33)
Chronic venous insufficiency (17)
Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) (109)
Treatment (105)
Medical treatments (31)
Surgical treatments (54)
Angioplasty (see 'Critical limb ischaemia' for details) (25)
Bypass surgery (13)
Thromboembolism (204)
Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) related (98)
Prevention (63)
Medical prophylaxis (41)
Anticoagulants (19)
Physical methods of prophylaxis (20)
Treatment (31)
Medical treatment (28)
Anticoagulants (17)
Not DVT related (18)
Pulmonary Embolism (PE) (78)
Prevention (60)
Medical prophylaxis (42)
Anticoagulants (18)
Physical methods of prophylaxis (15)
Treatment (18)
Thrombophlebitis (27)
Cannulation phlebitis (16)
Prevention (15)
Varicose veins (19)
Treatment (19)
Surgical treatments (18)